'Fortnite' Week 3 Challenges: Where to Find the Rubber Ducks

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Fortnite Week 3 challenges are under way, and players are frantically searching for, of all things, Rubber Ducks in order to rack up those Battle Stars! This would be a huge pain in the butt, but luckily the dudes over at Fortnite Intel have asked their readers to send in all of the Rubber Duck locations, and they delivered!

(Photo: Fortnite Intel)

Here's where you need to go, in no particular order:

  • North-west of Lucky Landing under the bridge
  • Map edge of the waterfall west of Lucky Landing
  • Map edge of the waterfall north-east of Anarchy Acres
  • In-house bathroom north-west of Retail Row
  • Jetty in Loot Lake
  • Lonely Lodge, near the pool of water
  • Snobby Shores pool, second house from the south part of the map
  • Retail Row water tower
  • Pool near the crab statue in Moisty Mire
  • Fatal Fields lake

They are also highlighted with the red circles in the map above for a more visual reference guide! The Reddit boards have also come up with a few additional locations, though those aren't reflected above. One user stated that there was a rubber ducky found in the showers at the soccer stadium on the western side, while another player reported one in a cave by the river near Lonely Lodge.

Simply go up to the duck, interact with it to have it count, and then collect 10 in total to collect that Battle Star. For this particular challenge, there are 5 Battle Stars on the line!

If you haven't checked out the Battle Pass membership yet, here's what you need to do:

100 tiers, 100 rewards. The more you play, the more you unlock. Level up faster and do it on your own schedule. Weekly Challenges give you the flexibility to make progress whenever you can play. Availble for 950 V-Bucks.

There's also the Battle Bundle that includes access to the Battle Pass and instantly unlocks your next 25 tiers, all at a 40% discount.


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  • Launch Fortnite
  • Select Battle Royale
  • Navigate to the Battle Pass Tab
  • Purchase either the Battle Pass or the Battle Bundle

Fortnite is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and iOS devices. The game is expected to also become available for Android users in the near future, though an exact release date has yet to be revealed.