Kingdom Hearts 3 Press 'First Impressions' Going Live This Week


For those games that are instant-hype and have had a long, incredible journey - not unlike Kingdom Hearts 3 - first impressions can give hopeful fans a taste of whether or not the arduous wait has been worth it or not. Now that we know Kingdom Hearts 3 is confirmed to be "on track" for its 2018 release, it's time to start rolling out what the select few who have gotten to play it had to say.

Just like with many games before it, the next phase in the Kingdom Hearts franchise will be holding a "press only" event this week called the Kingdom Hearts III Invitational Premiere Event. The embargo for that delicious hands-on time lifts on May 18th at 6 AM PT, so get ready for tons of new information about the worlds to explore, the characters we'll meet again, and how the highly anticipated title has progressed since its humble beginnings.

As far as when we'll see the game itself hit shelves, the latest publisher report from Square Enix has confirmed that everything is exactly on schedule. The framework from their report is similar to that of Final Fantasy 15 when they assured investors that the game was on task, and it was! Now we all have to cross every crossable appendages in hopes that the same timetable applies here. Come on, this game was a long time coming.

With E3 right around the corner and Square Enix amping up for a few reveals, I would be very shocked if we didn't get a set release date for Kingdom Hearts 3, or at very least - a release month. Regardless of which we'll actually get remains to be seen, but Square Enix is losing the faith of a lot of fans so if they're really on track like they claim - it's time to make some concrete plans. Otherwise, this game is going in the vault of gamer myths.

Kingdom Hearts III will release sometime this year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


What are your thoughts on Kingdom Hearts 3 so far? Are you excited to see the press reactions to the game and how it plays, or are you holding off to witness it for yourself? Sound off with all of you KH-related passion in the comment section below!

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