League of Legends Junglers Will Still Hit Level 2 After First Buff

Jarvan IV
(Photo: Riot Games)

League of Legends’ jungle is changing quite a bit in Patch 8.10, but junglers can rest easy knowing that they’ll still hit level 2 off of their first jungle buff.

The jungle changes that were included in the notes for Patch 8.10 included a sweeping list of jungle experience changes that affected each and every monster in the jungle save for the Baron, Rift Herald, and Dragon. An important line was omitted though that said it would still be possible to reach level 2 after killing the first buff, though Riot Games’ Richard “Riot Maple” Henkel corrected that omission by announcing the detail on Twitter.

Riot Maple also shared the news on Reddit shortly afterword and provided a bit more context on the change by saying that while it’ll still be possible to reach level 2 after the first buff, “standard routes” won’t net players level 3 after clearing the third monster camp.

“Hey! There's a line missing from the patch notes, you'll be able to hit lvl 2 off of the first camp, but you won't hit level 3 off of 3 camps using standard routes,” Riot Maple said on Reddit.

The line doesn’t appear to have been added to the list of jungle changes just yet, but it should show up in the official patch notes soon once it’s been added, possibly in the top to raise visibility since it was left out when initially published.


Outside of this omitted detail, the rest of the jungle changes still stand. The items that junglers start out with and upgrade into are being adjusted alongside deeper Runic Echoes changes that should help mage junglers. The Rift Scuttler is also becoming much more important with two spawning in the beginning like normal and only one spawning at a time after the initial clear. Experience gained in the jungle is also changing significantly, all of that seen here through our initial report. Riot Games summed up the jungle changes and the purpose behind them in the intro to the notes for Patch 8.10.

“We've had to take efforts to dial back the amount of pressure junglers can exert early, but we're pushing that harder in the direction of the jungle camps. TL;DR, most jungle camps will be worth less experience early, but the Rift Scuttler will be worth a lot more. The jungler who can win the fight for River Crab—or sneak one when the other jungler can't respond—will be at an experience and sustain advantage, and can turn that into plays around the map.”