Dragon Ball FighterZ Teases Vegito With Cryptic Message

Bandai Namco took Dragon Ball FighterZ players for another wild ride with a teaser for a new fighter that left many stumped.

The Bandai Namco US Twitter account is known for teasing gamers with cryptic messages in its own tweets and in replies, but this latest Dragon Ball FighterZ teaser was a tough one. Sharing a tweet that said Bandai Namco was playing the Dragon Ball game in the office and taking some notes, an image was included that included the game’s main screen alongside a sticky note with the numbers “092680628” written on it.

It looked like nothing more than a jumble of numbers, but it was clearly significant in some way if it was the only detail included in the image. People threw answers at Bandai Namco that the publisher deflected while telling Twitter users to look harder at the numbers. Funimation even got in on the fun and replied to the tweet with an image of a perplexed Goku, a feeling that was likely felt by many who were trying to figure out what the numbers meant.

A few hours after the tweet went up, a Dragon Ball fan pieced together the numbers to determine that this must be a teaser hinting at Vegito, the fusion between Vegeta and Goku. Twitter user Michael Sherrard pointed out that the first time that Vegito was ever seen was in Season 9 Episode 268 of Dragon Ball Z, an episode that aired on June 28 many years ago. Put all those numbers together with “0s” filling in the appropriate places, and you’ve got the exact number included in Bandai Namco’s original image.


Looking back on it after knowing the answer, the fact that Funimation joined in almost certainly wasn't a coincidence and should've been an indicator to look towards the anime for answers. The only thing that the user got incorrect about the theory was that he originally assumed this meant that this teaser indicated that Fused Zamasu and Vegito would be released on June 28 to go along with the date the episode aired. Bandai Namco stressed that this isn’t the date the DLC will be released, only that it’s the date the episode originally aired.

This means that there’s still no release date for the two DLC characters, but an announcement can’t be too far away by now. After all, the trailer for Vegito Blue was leaked towards the end of April, so all that Dragon Ball FighterZ players are waiting on now is a date for when they can get the two characters.