Skate 3 Servers Are Back Online

Skate 3

EA Play takes place in just a few days and it’s going to be packing all sorts of goodness from the publisher. We’ll be seeing some new gameplay from Battlefield V and Anthem, and it’s already promised a few surprises as well.

One of those surprises could very well be Skate 4, the long-awaited chapter in the dormant skateboarding franchise. We’ve discussed it before with potential rumors though nothing has been confirmed. But an interesting thing has occurred that could very well be hinting at a potential return.

A few folks have taken to social media, noting that the online servers for Skate 3 have gone back online. The game has been out for several years and, for the longest time, didn’t have online competition, even with its recent addition to the Xbox One backward compatibility program. But now players can out-skate each other through online play yet again and take advantage of its features, and the community seems pretty happy about that.

Now, why would EA suddenly reactivate servers for an older game? For one thing, its popularity on Xbox Live (between backward compatibility and its inclusion in the Vault) may have prompted the publisher to bring them back for players to enjoy. But there’s also the possibility that it could be “testing the waters,” so to speak, for a new entry in the series.

The publisher hasn’t said a word about the servers or the possibility of a new game but it could very well be warming up for its return. It’s been heavily in demand for years and announcing it, along with other returning favorites like SSX and NBA Street, would help them get back in good graces with fans after last year’s Star Wars: Battlefront II loot box controversy.


It’s too soon to tell what’s happening just yet so we’re taking all this with a grain of salt. But, sure, we’d totally take another Skate. And, for that matter, one with Tony Hawk along for the ride.

We’ll let you know what EA announces when the show takes place this Saturday starting at 11 AM PDT!