Minecraft Marketplace Creators Eager To Check Out the Nintendo Switch Version


With the forthcoming Bedrock update that will be coming to the Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft this month, Marketplace creators will have a chance to dig in and see what features they can play around with.

Per this article from VentureBeat, some of these creators have already expressed their excitement about the update, as it can allow them to put together original ideas that in turn get more attention from fans. “I do think the extra growth will be significant. Nintendo gamers, if you treat them right, will reward you with lots of love and, here’s hoping, high sales,” Minecraft Marketplace partner Jigarbov noted. “Minecraft is one of those games that transcends platform boundaries and feels right at home on the Switch, so I think the user base will flock to the well-made content the Marketplace offers.”

Another creator was also thrilled with the idea. “Having Minecraft, the most popular game in history, with the largest community of creators of any game ever, put on one of the most-sold consoles in the world is an amazing opportunity for growth and the creation of new playstyles and experiences,” Minecraft Marketplace partner Mariana “RazzleberryFox” Graham said while speaking with VentureBeat. “I am really looking forward to seeing how the Marketplace is going to perform on this platform and what we will be able to do with it.”

They’re also happy to see how their work flourishes on the Nintendo platform, especially given its popularity. “My first console was an NES,” RazzleberryFox noted. “Since I was a kid, Nintendo has been the household name for gaming consoles and handhelds, more than any other brand. I owned every single one of them. Being able to release something on a platform carrying this name is a huge achievement for me. It’s literally a dream come true.”

Jigarbov also said how he dreamed of “making Nintendo games,” even if Minecraft works a bit differently. “Just seeing Jigarbov there on the store list, something I built for sale, on a Nintendo platform is extremely exciting,” he said. “The success of the Marketplace and the multitude of platforms it has been on has been wonderful, especially when I want to explain to someone what I do for a living. Just being able to whip out my phone and navigate to the store, now I’ll be able to do it when I’m travelling with my Switch. It’s a great feeling.”


Minecraft partner relations boss Todd Stevens is thrilled with the feedback coming from the creators, as their inventions can be shared across the board with all platforms that have the Bedrock update. “We truly believe in our ‘better together’ vision,” Stevens explained. “And we are incredibly excited to bring all of our great partner content over to the Nintendo Switch. Many of our partners are big Nintendo fans, so we are incredibly excited to see their creations show up on that console.”

You can read more about the update here. It’ll be debuting on the Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft on June 21st.