Tons of Fortnite New Cosmetic Items Leaked, Including 8 Customized Soccer Characters (UPDATED)

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Epic Games has just dropped their latest update for Fortnite, bringing with it quite a few new in-game goodies to enjoy. Just like every update, as soon as that adjustment to the title goes live - the dataminers come out to play and it looks like this month we'll have more new cosmetic items than ever before, including customizable Soccer skins!

Below are some of the usual "weird" looking items players will be getting from our pals over at TwoEpicBuddies:

We've also got a look at the new gliders, pickaxes, and backpacks that will be coming to the game over the course of the month - also continuing the soccer theme that you can see a bit further down:

Now ... for the soccer outfits:

And you can't forget about the new emotes either:

As far as the Soccer cosmetics go, the team behind the datamine glory said that the files seem to suggest that the soccer skins will tailor to the player's country - even allowing players to choose which country they want to represent! This would be awesome since the World Cup for soccer (football) fans will be going down soon!

The soccer skins are also perfect given that there has been a new soccer stadium added to the map itself in the northern most part of the map. As for the patch that went live today, below are a few highlights you might enjoy:

  • Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle.
    • Available in Epic and Legendary variants.
      • 36-37 base damage.
    • Can see chests, Supply Drops, enemy heat signatures, and more.
    • Uses Medium ammo.
    • Can be found from floor loot, chests, and Supply Drops.
  • Renamed ‘Assault Rifle with Scope’ to ‘Scoped Assault Rifle’
  • The maximum range of most weapons increased to 275 meters from 250 meters to match the distance that players are visible.
  • The Jetpack has been Vaulted.
  • A new soccer stadium has been added to the northern area of the map.
  • Added new light color options to Carbide and Omega.

Bug Fixes

  • Pickaxes are no longer missing from the quick bar for players who join the match late.
  • Currently equipped traps no longer change to a different trap unexpectedly when trying to place one into an empty space.
  • Lightly pulling backward on the gamepad movement thumbstick while in the Shopping Cart will no longer make you move forward.
  • Players will no longer get stuck shooting their weapon when switching seats and firing simultaneously in the Shopping Cart.
  • Passengers ejecting from the Shopping Cart at high speeds will no longer get a large impulse.
  • Players will no longer crash when viewing friends leaderboard.
  • Improved interaction of players and Shopping Carts with soccer and basketballs.
  • Improved network simulation of soccer and basketballs when kicked by other players.
  • The Shopping Cart will no longer destroy unbreakable objects.
  • Fixed an issue causing Shopping Carts from flipping over when hitting a Supply Drop.
  • Shopping Carts will no longer float in the air after the platform they were on is destroyed.

(Epic Games)