My Hero One's Justice Lets You Customize Heroes' Outfits

My Hero One’s Justice will let players control some of the most iconic characters from My Hero Academia, but you can put your own spin on the fighters’ looks with some customization options.

Bandai Namco shared a preview of the customization options earlier today in a tweet that taught players how they can customize their hero suits, just like the real fighters do. With a variety of customization features including those for the actual characters themselves and players’ individual profiles, My Hero One’s Justice looks to have a collection of unlockable accessories and customizations to make your profile and fighter stand out from the rest.

The image include in the above tweet that features a fight between Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki shows off some of the characters customization options made possible in My Hero One’s Justice. The two look a bit different than My Hero Academia fans will probably remember them looking since they’ve both been customized to combine different accessories and create a new look. Bandai’s images make it appear as though bits and pieces from the characters’ various canon outfits such as the pro hero and student costumes will be unlockable so that players can mix and match their way to some stylish victories.

While the Bakugo vs Todoroki image shows what they’ll look like in-game, it looks like you can also preview that before hopping into a fight to make sure you’ve got the right look. The image below that was also shared in the tweet shows what the hero customization screen looks like with players able to accessorize the costumes’ different parts for the heroes’ torsos, arms, heads, and more. You can also select the motto that your character will use when they enter a fight as well as something in a “Voices” section that likely has to do with the quotes they use. Each of the unlockable options appears to have rarities attached to them as well with recognizable symbols for “ultra-rare,” “rare,” “uncommon,” and “common” seen.

My Hero One's Justice Customization
(Photo: Bandai Namco)

Lastly, players will also be able to build their own profile card that’ll be displayed for other combatants to see. You’ll be able to select your main profile symbol as well as a border, emblem and comment that’ll be associated with the card. These must be unlocked as well with the highlighted border saying that it’ll be unlocked after you “Win 1 battle with a Quirk Special,” so you can expect similar challenges to require completion before unlocking more.

My Hero One’s Justice is scheduled to launch in October.