'Fortnite': Tomato Town Mascot Destroyed by Dimension Rift

Rifts are appearing everywhere in Fortnite following the epic Missile Launch event last week. From the Lonely Lodge, to the Motel, these mysterious scars are tearing the map up as we know it. There have been rumblings that Tomato Town was going to be the next part of the map to disappear, and though that's not entirely accurate -- we are saying goodbye to our beloved mascot: Tomato Head.

That's right, the rifts have claimed another casualty. Our highly esteemed tomato god has gone to where we can't follow. Rest in peace, little guy. You did good, you made pasta everywhere proud.

It's never easy to say goodbye to a loved one, but for Tomato Head, we'll try to be strong. Earlier today players were even organizing a live event party commemorate their favourite loading zone.

“As we all know, the great big Tomatohead has caught the blue aura. Tomorrow, at 3PM EST, he is very likely to disappear,” Redditor HostageFuzer said in a recent reddit post that we covered earlier. “To honor our big brother, I'd like to ask all of the members of the Tomatohead Brotherhood to have a goodbye ceremony tomorrow. If you'd like to participate, please queue up in Oceania solo servers at 2:55PM EST July 3rd (Convert for your timezone) and land Tomato Town. Please wear Tomatohead to show you're part of the Brotherhood. Non-members are welcomed, too.”

More and more rifts continue to open up all over the map, prompting some insane conspiracy theories from players. From time travel, to aliens, even the return of Leviathan - there's nothing too crazy to hypothesize when it comes to what's next for Season 5!


Epic Games isn't breathing a word of what's next, watching the world burn in a fit of overly enthusiastic curiosity and burning conspiracy theories. Makes sense, that what they did with the meteors in the first place, which only served to keep the hype fresh and ongoing. As we mentioned earlier, if there's one thing that brings the community together, it's a solid mystery to get down on!

Fortnite is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and iOS devices. It's expected to drop on Android as well, though no specific release date has been given at this time other than "soon."