BioWare Is Open to Another Star Wars Game, Dragon Age and Mass Effect Have Priority

BioWare has been renowned for years for their unique style towards narrative development and creating characters that will bleed your soul for how much you love them. Their biggest claims to fame are the Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Star Wars entries. Though Mass Effect is on the shelf for a few more years and the new Dragon Age is already in the works, it looks like Star Wars might becoming back in a big way as well. At least ... they'd be open to it.

The Studio's General Manager Casey Hudson recently sat down with Game Informer to discuss future plans. They talked about Anthem, Dragon Age and yes, even Star Wars. “There are so many games that […] we as a studio want to get to,” Hudson told the site.

“So, one challenge is, to make a really great game on this scale really, at this point, takes the majority of the studio the size of BioWare, and we’re a pretty big studio. There’s so many more games that we want to make than we can’t get to, so we kind of have to pick and choose and move through them. But, I’ve always loved Star Wars, I loved making Knights of the Old Republic. So…we’re always trying to figure out what’s next.”


BioWare continues to grow in size and their publisher has been expanding quite a bit as well. Though we'd obviously love to see a new Star Wars game from them (Hello there, Knights of the Old Republic), we are more than a little interested in the multiple games that he mentioned that "we can't get into." With EA and BioWare both having recently stated that the Mass Effect series is far from over, we're intrigued by what BioWare could possibly have up their sleeves.

Obviously Anthem is taking point regarding priority scale for the near future, the online game is massive and will require a lot of attention - especially immediately after launch. That being said, it looks like there are quite a few things in the works at the moment making us ponder our own desires for the studio. How about you? What franchise would you like to see them bring back in full force? Or are you hoping for even more new IPs? Sound off in the comment section below!