Rocksteady Comments on San Diego Comic-Con Plans


Last month, a lot of people were expecting Batman: Arkham Trilogy creators Rocksteady Studios to unveil its latest project, which many believe is a forthcoming game in the Superman saga. Alas, we were let down as there wasn’t even a peep about the project. The studio director did apologize that nothing was revealed but fans were hopeful that we would see something from Rocksteady sooner rather than later.

Now, with San Diego Comic-Con happening next week, buzz is building again that WB Games and Rocksteady could have a major unveiling happening. But the director of the studio has once again stepped in, insisting that it’s just not going to take place. Sorry, fans.

Jamie Walker, who serves as studio director, recently took to Twitter to dash out any high hopes for Superman or whatever the team is working on next. He said, “Inb4 people start asking about whether @RocksteadyGames will be at SDCC this year: we’d love to be there but won’t be ready to talk about our next game for a while yet. You’ll know when it’s time.”

As for when that time will be...your guess is as good as ours. More than likely, we probably won’t even see an unveil of some kind until 2019 if that late.


But at least fans seemed gracious about Walker coming forward and admitting a reveal isn’t happening at SDCC. Check out some of the responses below.

In the meanwhile, you can rediscover the Batman games that Rocksteady so lovingly put together between Return To Arkham and Arkham Knight, which are available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.