The Culling 2's Servers Are Now Shutting Down

Servers for The Culling 2 are now being shut down not even two weeks after the game was launched by Xaviant Games.

The game released on July 10 and was instantly met with a rush of negative reviews with players saying that didn’t resemble The Culling much at all even with the leeway for change that a sequel would normally provide. After Xaviant said that it was time to make some tough decisions about the future of the game and the studio, Xaviant returned a few days later to officially declare The Culling 2 a dead game.

Coupled with that announcement was the video above with Xaviant’s director of operations Josh Van Veld pouring over what went wrong and what the developers plan to do to fix the problems. That included delisting the second game everywhere that it’s sold while making The Culling a free-to-play game on the Xbox One and PC as they return to working on the first game, this time to create the product that players enjoyed in the beginning. A closure of The Culling 2’s servers was also announced, an official end to the game that’s happening now, according to the most recent tweet from the game’s account.

It was also confirmed in the follow-up tweet above that those who purchased the game before it was delisted would be refunded for their purchase. That sounds like it’d be quite the feat to refund everyone, but perhaps it’ll be a simple enough task for Xaviant seeing how the problem was nobody was playing the game in the first place.


Xaviant’s taking the shutdown in stride though by bantering with people who responded to their tweets, sometimes with answers to questions and other times with gifs and other humorous responses. When asked when The Culling would become free-to-play, Xaviant replied to the question with a shrugging emoji, and when chastised for not giving more of a warning before the servers were closed, the team joked to say that they “should’ve warned all 11” of the players.

The Culling 2’s servers should now be shutting down with no known start date for when The Culling will be free-to-play.