'Dead by Daylight' Servers Still Down on Console

Dead by Daylight has seen a surge of new players after being offered as a PlayStation Plus game this month, and while that's typically great news, it has caused a few server issues that have yet to be worked out. Dead by Daylight servers went down on console and on PC a while ago, and while the server kinks have been worked out on PC, it sounds like console players are still having issues:

You'll notice that this message was sent out yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately, console servers are still down at the time of writing, and players are starting to become restless. The reactions on Twitter and Reddit have ranged from hyperbolic outrage to humble understanding and sympathy for the developers.

No matter which side of the fence you're on, the outcry is pretty amusing:


This is "par for the course" as far as popular online games go. Whenever you see a sudden surge in the player-base, you can expect servers to take a hit. Fortnite players are all too familiar with the chain of events. Almost every time a major event is announced and initiated, the servers start freaking out.

Our advice? Just be patient. No matter how badly you want to log in and play Dead by Daylight, it's guaranteed that the developers want you to be able to log in and play even more. They're working hard to get servers up and running, and no doubt they'll be stable soon. Check again after school or work today, and have fun.