'DOOM Eternal' Coming to Nintendo Switch

We just got done watching incredible, extended gameplay footage of DOOM Eternal, and inwardly, I kept thinking to myself: "Is there any way they would attempt to bring this to Nintendo Switch?" The answer is a definitive "Yes," and we have it straight from the demon's mouth:

There are only a few people in the world that we would trust with a port like this, and they all work at a little company called Panic Button. Thankfully, we also received confirmation that Panic Button will be the studio responsible for making this gorgeous, brutal, fast-paced, Hellish nightmare of a thrill ride come to life on Nintendo's miraculous handheld:

The original DOOM is still one of the most impressive ports we've ever seen on any platform. There were concessions made, of course. Resolution is extremely dynamic, and at no point will you see the game cranking out native 1080p or 720p while ripping or tearing, but the game retains its essence. It is DOOM on the go. It's something that we didn't think was possible, and Panic Button made is possible. They proved their worth once again with Wolfenstein II, and the Rocket League port stayed at the top of the Nintendo eShop for a long time. These guys know what they're doing, and any handheld game lover should be excited for this.


And plenty of you are! The reactions to the news have been absolutely priceless:

Needless to say, we're all going to be waiting to see the Nintendo Switch gameplay reveal, which will be an event unto itself. As soon as we get a hold of some footage, we'll let you know right away!