500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro: Fans React to Extreme Shortage and Scalpers

The blue translucent PlayStation 4 Pro puts a slightly more modern spin on the usual style, with a deep blue instead of the standard neon that the translucent fashion demanded back in the 90s. When Sony first revealed their latest addition to the PlayStation 4 Pro line, players were stoked to have such a visually beautiful yet minimalistic design added on their shelves. Unfortunately, as is usually the case when anything is in limited quantity, the scalpers came out to play and PS4 fans are not happy.

In this instance, scalpers were able to get the upper hand because the sale of the platform went up sooner than was originally teased. Pair that with the extremely limited quantity for a console that garnered so much interest, and the upset is more than a little understandable:

Needless to say, tensions are high. For those that managed to nab one, congratulations! We are seeing a common theme though of retailers cancelling hours later, so please make sure to keep an eye on that email account registered to make sure you were not affected by that.


As mentioned in our earlier post, Reservations for the console on eBay will set you back well over $1000 at the moment, but the price is likely to increase dramatically once all of the consoles have shipped and the copper plate serial numbers are confirmed.

For those that are bummed that their orders were cancelled and don't want to give into scalpers, there is still the limited edition DualShock 4 controller and matching headset available for individual purchase.