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Exclusive Launches Earth's Mightiest Week to Celebrate 'Avengers: Endgame'

'Marvel's Spider-Man' Fans Want a Cel Shading Filter Added

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Marvel's Spider-Man is gorgeous. Whether you're swinging between Manhattan skyscrapers, uppercutting a b-tier criminal, or watching Spidey share an intimate moment with Mary Jane during a cutscene, there's no doubting that the new PlayStation 4 exclusive looks great.

But what if it had a cel-shaded filter? Well, that's exactly what some fans of the game want Insomniac Games to add.

A new Reddit post on the game's official sub-reddit page titled, "Who is with me for a cel shaded filter?!" currently has 268 up-votes after nine hours and universal agreement that such a graphical addition would be, in short, amazing.

While a cel shaded Spidey and Manhattan sounds awesome, some users point out that it wouldn't be the easiest thing to implement. In other words, it isn't as easy as simply pressing the filter button, and would require additional texture work. And if Insomniac Games has to redo most of the game's texture to add such a filter, well, then such a filter is almost definitely not coming, ever.

However, there is an imperfect work-around. As Reddit user "sirbob809" points out, the studio could opt to use a shader over the top of existing textures, and then add outlines and lower the color depth. It wouldn't look as good, but it may do the job, if it doesn't cost the game to run slower due to the extra processing power demands.

Another user adds that even if it's something similar to Uncharted 4: A Thief's End's cel-shaded filter, that would still be a very welcomed addition.

Personally, I think Marvel's Spider-Man looks great, as is. However, a cel-shaded filter sounds awesome, and could go a long way with more hardcore fans and possibly squeeze even more playthroughs out of players.

That said, will it ever be added? Probably not. But there's a chance it could come sometime further down the road when most of the game's DLC is out and Insomniac Games needs another way to get fans excited and interested.


Marvel's Spider-Man is available, exclusively, for the PlayStation 4. For more, news, information, and media on the game, be sure to peep our previous coverage of it and all things Spidey by clicking right here.

And, as always, hit that comments section and let us know your thoughts. Would you want to see Insomniac Games add a cel-shaded filter or would you rather see it put its resources elsewhere?