'Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2': Dragon Ball Man Mod Is Nonsensically Perfect

There are some weird Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 mods out there but probably one of the oddest is the Dragon Ball Man mod for the popular anime-themed game.

The mod in question can be found here and brings the Dragon Balls that the franchise is centered around to the literal center. The mod's creator describes this hilarious project as:

"What if the dragon balls developed a life of their own and become a living thing. I always had that idea of an actual Dragon ball character like Shenron, but without the spikes and the horns etc. So I made one myself."

They added, "It was pretty hard to get all the things work like they do, but I like the look of this character. I also created a custom skill for him. I took Bomber DX and Dragon Fist and combined them to a close/middle range attack that breaks the stamina of your opponent. Most of his attacks are themed of a Dragon."

Though the game just recently got the Extra Pack 3 DLC, this is just another comedic way to enjoy a favourite title. Unfortunately for those playing on console however, including the Nintendo Switch, the Dragon Ball Man mod is only available for PC players.

As for the game itself, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. For more about Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2:


"You are the protagonist! Stand with Goku and his friends as you battle a new enemy that has been warping DRAGON BALL's history. Fight alongside famous fighters from Z, Super, GT, and more, including movie-only characters like Turles, Broly, and Janemba, the mysterious Masked Saiyan, and many others."

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