The Internet Is Having A Meltdown Over Why Mario Kart Is Trending

Earlier today we covered a simple "Here's what Toad actually looks like" when the innocent Nintendo character was suddenly thrust into the spotlight due to an interesting comparison to a certain anatomical part of US President Donald Trump.

If you listen closely, you can hear the gasps of shock and the tell tale arrival of the death of childhood lost and it seems like the world is finally able to unite on one thing: The wish to unsee a visual we never asked to see:

There is so much more out there, but there is beauty in unity - sadness in the source of it. Whether or not there is any truth to the statement is really none of our business but what we do know is that Toad is a good boy doing his best and he doesn't deserve this.

Justice for Toad.


For another interesting tid-bit about Toad and his namesake, this is what Wikipedia had to say about his origins:

"Toad's English name appears to have been inspired by the word "toadstool", a word used to describe mushrooms including those featuring umbrella-like cap-and-stem form characteristics which Toad's design portrays along with the character's general resemblance to a mushroom. Toad's Japanese name "Kinopio" appears to be a mixture of the Japanese word for mushroom ("kinoko") and the Japanese name for the character Pinocchio("Pinokio") which both roughly blend together to form the meaning of "a real mushroom boy" (as evidenced through Pinocchio's desire to become a real boy in his own tale)."