'Sonic the Hedgehog', 'Thunder Force IV' Available On Nintendo Switch

A while ago, Sega introduced the Sega Ages line-up for Nintendo Switch, promising to bring a number of its classics to the system. Thus far, we’ve only heard about a few titles, but they’re promising -- and loaded with features. And, finally, the first two have become available for download on our shores.

Sonic the Hedgehog and Thunder Force IV (also known as Lightening Force) are available through the Nintendo eShop, going for $7.99 apiece. This is good news to fans that were wondering what took the games so long to arrive, as they can finally enjoy them in all their 16-bit glory.

Both games have some special features, including the addition of new modes, like a Ring Keep mode for Sonic and an Easy mode for Thunder Force IV, along with other options that can be tweaked to get the most out of your game.

Sonic the Hedgehog initially released for the Sega Genesis back in the early 90’s, creating a powerful new mascot for the platform that took on Nintendo’s Mario for several years. Since its release, it’s been ported a number of times to other platforms, and will also be included in the Sega Genesis Classics collection that’s coming to Nintendo Switch later this year.

Thunder Force IV is a much-beloved entry in the shooting franchise, even with the name change it got here in the United States upon its release in the mid-90’s. With its beautiful graphics and challenging gameplay, it’s sure to be a draw to fans of the genre.


More Sega Ages titles are expected to arrive over the next few months, including the original Phantasy Star, which was a big hit on the Sega Master System; Space Harrier, an arcade favorite with fast-paced shooting action; and others like Alex Kidd In Miracle World and Gain Ground. We’re also getting a second round of games that features Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Out Run and other favorites.

Best of all, the games don’t really take up much space on your memory card at all, so you can set up your own little mini Sega arcade if that’s your fancy. Just make sure you save room for that Sega Genesis Classics compilation.