Fans React To The Closure Of Telltale Games

(Photo: Telltale Games)

Yesterday, news of Telltale Games imminent closure shook the industry and gaming circles alike. Whether through The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Minecraft: Story Mode, Tales from the Borderlands, or one of its other many releases, Telltale has earned many fans since its founding in 2004, almost all of which are heartbroken to see it, and its signature style of games, go.

As one of the bigger, more notable, closures in recent years, many are simply dolorous, not only because of the many games and IP being left behind, but because there is now over 225 developers without a job, and from the sounds of it, in horrible situations.

And thus naturally, the doleful, shocked, and thankful reactions by fans have been overwhelming. Here's just a glimmer of it:

There's also been a smaller, less positive reaction of people angry about the prospect of not getting money back on The Walking Dead: The Final Season -- which has seemingly been cancelled -- pre-orders, but the majority of reactions are akin to the ones above.


The one bit of positivity born out of all of this is watching fans and the industry gather around the now 225-plus unemployed ex-Telltale staffers with support and even job opportunities.

It is a dismal, but important reminder to everyone that consumes video games that they are made by human beings, who often sacrifice quite a lot in making projects for all of us to enjoy.