Rumor: WB Montreal Working On Two Open World DC Universe Games

So earlier this year, we came across some job listings over at WB Montreal, suggesting that the studio behind Batman: Arkham Origins was returning to those stomping grounds with the Dark Knight for a new game. But now, it appears that we could be getting much more than that. Possibly two DC-licensed open-world games.

On a recent episode of the Humans of Gaming podcast, which is hosted over at the Love Thy Nerd Podcast Network, the team welcomed Osama Dorias, who serves as a senior game designer for WB Montreal. On the episode, he talked about different subjects, but he kind of spilled the beans on what he’s been working on, without giving away too many specifics.

He noted that he just completed work on an open-world, DC Universe “main console” game, and was now working on a completely different project for WB Montreal.

He stated that he was indeed working with some DC property, though he didn’t disclose which one, and he noted that his inspiration for joining up with WB Montreal was to work alongside his former Ubisoft colleague, Geoff Ellenor, who works at the company as a game director.

While some might assume that WB Montreal is hard at work on a potential Batman follow-up, there’s some evidence indicating otherwise. Based on this Resetera thread, Dorias’ social media accounts suggest that Superman could be the property that the team is working on, since his Instagram has images of that particular hero.

At one point, the team was working on a Superman project, but it was reportedly canned before it came into fruition. However, with the Batman games being successful as they were, Warner Bros. might have given a green light to something different from the team.

The way that two games come into play is with the first game that Dorias was working on, and then his shifting to a second. Could the team at WB Montreal be working on two licensed DC properties? If so, WB Games hasn’t said a word -- and likely won’t for some time, until they’re pretty well in development.

That said, while the episode, which you can listen to above, is intriguing, we’ve seen rumors like this in the past, suggesting that Rocksteady Games, the developers of the Batman Arkham trilogy (outside of Origins) had their own Superman game in the works, only for rumors to come up dry. So your guess is as good as ours at this point.


Still, WB Montreal is working on something; and it’s been at it for some time now. We just hope that we get to see what it’s all about sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, you can play Batman: Arkham Origins on Xbox One now, as it’s part of that console’s backward compatibility program. It’s also available for PC and PlayStation 3, as well as Wii U.