'Pokemon Go' Accidentally Brings Back the Most Powerful Version of Mewtwo

Pokemon Go players have a small window to get Mewtwo's best moveset.

Earlier this year, Pokemon Go announced that Mewtwo would no longer have the move Shadow Ball as part of its moveset. Shadow Ball is considered to be Mewtwo's best charge move and the change was seen as a way to preserve some of the "specialness" of Mewtwo caught during EX Raids. Those of us who weren't able to get an EX Raid Pass had to settle for a Mewtwo that was woefully underpowered compared to its peers.

However, players discovered that Mewtwo could briefly learn Shadow Ball once again, either via Charged TMs or by catching it during one of the few remaining Mewtwo raids remaining in the game. We confirmed the change by switching one of our Mewtwo's charge moves from Fire Blast to Shadow Ball earlier today. Developers seemed to quick make a hotfix shortly after it was discovered by players, as Shadow Ball Mewtwo is now unavailable as of press time.

Coincidentally, Shadow Ball Mewtwo is one of the ideal Pokemon to use when fighting Giratina, the Ghost/Dragon-Type Legendary Pokemon being added to the game as part of Pokemon Go's Halloween event. Giratina is also weak to Ice, Dragon, and Dark-Type attacks.

The fact that Shadow Ball Mewtwo is already gone from the game indicates that it was a mistake, but one probably exploited by a lot of hardcore players. Not only will a Shadow Ball Mewtwo remain effective in the months to come, it's also technically a "legacy move" and shouldn't be available if/when Mewtwo returns to the game as a raid boss.


Mewtwo is leaving Pokemon Go's Raid Boss pool later today, so players only have a very short window to catch this powerful Legendary Pokemon if they haven't already.

We'll have continued coverage on Pokemon Go's other Halloween surprises in the days to come, so stay tuned for more news!