New 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Trailer Brings Together Tons of Fighters

Nintendo’s newest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer teases more fighters, battles, and fun with an animation brings together tons of fighters both new and old.

Currently uploaded to Nintendo’s YouTube channel as an “unlisted” video, the trailer features plenty of fighters, but the amount shown is still just a portion of everyone who’s in the game. Starting with a person looking upwards at the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate banner that’s constantly been updated to include more characters as they were revealed, the banner comes to life to show a clash between different fighters from across all sorts of Nintendo franchises.

Mario, princesses, Pokemon, and others all team up and do battle within the trailer, most of them coming out of the fight unscathed as they dodged or countered each other’s attacks. Captain Falcon wasn’t so fortunate though since he took a fully-charged punch from Donkey Kong that sent him flying right off the screen.

There’s no telling why it’s currently found as an unlisted video in Nintendo’s channel, but it appears to have remained mostly unnoticed until recently. Judging from how brief the video was coupled with the announcer voice at the end repeating the game’s title and release date, it sounds like the video is more of a TV advertisement for the game.

The banner shown in the video appears to have every character that’ll be in the game at launch following Nintendo’s many reveals of more characters both from its brands and those from third-party games who are making guest appearances. Some of the most recent reveals like Ken from the Street Fighter games, the Pokemon called Incineroar, and King K. Rool are shown in the banner alongside the Echo fighters that’ll make for alternate counterparts to their normal characters. Piranha Plant is absent from the trailer and the banner, though that makes sense seeing how that fighter is one of the DLC characters that is to be added post-launch. It was confirmed days ago that all these DLC characters had been finalized, so no further suggestions will sway Nintendo’s decision-making process regarding the fighters that are to come.


This video is also one of the first previews for the game that players have seen since the last Nintendo Direct where the “World of Light” mode was revealed and featured tons of Smash fighters getting eviscerated by a new enemy.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is scheduled to release for the Nintendo Switch on December 7th.