Fans React to Sony Not Attending E3 2019

So you’ve probably seen the news by now that Sony won’t be attending next year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo event, citing that it won’t even hold its own event or press conference at that time. And the news certainly has the industry buzzing, although some people have their own observations as to why Sony isn’t at the event.

PS Reax

We’ve gathered some of the best reactions from around the web, including some indicating why it’s not a total surprise.

For example, GamerTagRadio’s Parris Lilly explained that their presence isn’t really necessary…

The Koalition’s Jakejames Lugo had some similar thoughts, noting that the show might be in trouble because of this.

Former IGN editor Fran Mirabella noted that Sony’s exiting the show may be due to one simple reason -- paying for floor space is just too damn high.

This user also feels that it’s simply a matter of finding a better way to reveal the PlayStation 5:

And Twitter user The Hashtagonist put a little light jab into the proceedings:

And finally, Kinda Funny Games’ Greg Miller, who’s been a long-time PlayStation supporter, had this to say:

Here's a reaction from Marcus Beer, aka the Annoyed Gamer, also bringing a point home:


Of course, a lot of reasons could be blamed. High cost for booth space is one notable factor; but E3 going public over the past couple of years and creating a massive issue with crowds is something a lot of companies have taken a close look at.

But now the real question is what Sony will do next. PlayStation Experience has been mentioned, but there’s nothing official. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what gets announced…