'Fortnite' Player Stylishly Destroys Enemy With New Shaolin Sit-Up Emote

Fortnite players are finding that they can use the new Shaolin Sit-Up emote to put an end to their enemies with an extra flourish by laying down before popping right back up to finish the job.

Released in the Fortnite store for 200 V-Bucks just recently, the new emote kicked off 2019 with an animation that causes players to fall down before returning to a crouching position on one leg. It’s by doing this that a player pulled off what might be one of the most devastating emote kills in Fortnite as a player by the name of EveryRL shrugged off an enemy’s attack before hitting them with a no-scope elimination.

The video above comes directly from the Twitter account associated with the player, but the clip garnered quite a bit of attention on Reddit where players joked about the supposed pay-to-win aspect of the emote. The post got well over 40,000 upvotes with many of the commenters applauding the player for their stylish kill as opposed to lamenting the fact that the player used an emote to throw off any enemy’s aim.

While someone using the emote to obscure themselves from another player’s view might definitely be considered a pay-to-win advantage, another Redditor pointed out that the shot was actually incredibly precise and went right through a gap between the player’s limbs. The shot looks like it might’ve missed anyway had the emote not been used, but that hardly takes away from how stylish the kill was even with the user’s hitbox being changed


This emote kill has also been compared to another infamous elimination from several months ago where a player sat down in a bathtub before popping up in front of another player to surprise them with a shotgun to the face. That emote brought on the same discussions back then about whether or not emotes were pay-to-win purchases with players mocking the “no competitive advantage” disclaimer on the premium cosmetics and other items in Fortnite.

Fortnite’s Shaolin Sit-Up emote is now available in the in-game shop for 200 V-Bucks.