Shaggy is Now a Terrifying 'Dungeons & Dragons' Monster

The Shaggy meme has reached its inevitable conclusion - as the endboss of a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. has been reporting on the resurgence of Shaggy Rogers, the ever-hungry owner of Scooby Doo. Thanks to the Internet, Shaggy's true form was recently revealed as that of an omnipotent god with limitless power, able to create beings or level entire planets with a mere fraction of its power.

Earlier this week, Wyrmwood Gaming, a manufacturer of high quality wooden dice boxes and tables, revealed a Dungeons & Dragons monster stat block for Shaggy, refashioning the animated icon/celestial being into a powerful endboss for the popular roleplaying game.

Shaggy is a CR 30 monster, making it equal in power to the terrasque, the most frightening and powerful monster in D&D's Monster Manual. In addition to a terrifying "Devour" ability that can consume most creatures whole, Shaggy can also summon Scooby Doo as its familiar and instantly banish opponents to another plane of the multiverse, where they lose all memory of their encounter with Shaggy but are compelled to share stories of Shaggy and his crime-fighting companions.

It's fitting that Shaggy would crossover into Dungeons & Dragons as his human avatar Matthew Lillard is an avid D&D fan. Lillard, who played/was possessed by Shaggy in two live action movies and continues to voice the character in cartoons, is the co-owner of Beadle & Grimm's Pandemonium Warehouse, a maker of high quality D&D-themed boxes filled with material to run an adventure.

We feel that Shaggy is smiling upon this interpretation of his being, and would be pleased if you included him in your D&D campaign. Let's face it - Shaggy is the perfect way to put fear into the hearts of players. He's omnipotent and all-powerful and can literally eat them if they cross a line.



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