'Apex Legends' Issues Reported on All Platforms, Respawn Responds

Apex Legends players are currently experiencing issues across all platforms, and Respawn Entertainment said it’s aware of the problems and is looking into it.

The problems players face seem to include login times and the servers going down to prevent them from getting into games, according to some reports. Whatever it is that’s causing the problems, Respawn said on Twitter through the official Apex Legends Twitter account that it’s investigating the problem. The developer apologized for the issue and said more updates would be available as the problems are resolved.

Respawn appears to be taking the issues in stride by responding to players positively through tweets like the ones above while working on the problem.

These issues follow an announcement from Respawn where the developer said it was planning on “scaling up support” to get ready for the weekend which one would expect will bring an influx of Apex Legends players who couldn’t take part in the free-to-play game when it launched during the week. It could very well be that more players coming in have caused problems with the servers, though how long that’ll take to resolve remains to be seen.


In the same announcement where Respawn said it had scaled up support for the game to prepare for its first weekend on the market, Respawn teased some of what’s to come in Apex Legends. After some small changes made earlier in the week to resolve issues players experienced following the game’s launch, Respawn said it’s planning on looking into the data coming in from this week’s worth of gameplay as it looks ahead to start “talking more about the potential updates to the meta.” Stability and quality of life updates are also planned, the former more important now that the servers are being impacted and players cannot join.

Apex Legends is currently available to play for free on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms, and Respawn is expected to share another update on the status of the game once more information is available.