Fight Laser Corgis and Pizza Slimes in 'Lasers & Liches' Retro Tabletop RPG

A new crowdfunding campaign is raising money to send players into a neon-lit realm fueled by nostalgia and lasers.

Earlier today, Chris Lock and LLuis Abadias launched a Kickstarter to fund Lasers & Liches, a set of campaign setting books built around Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition rules. The new game is set in the Retroverse, an unstable plane built around the concept of "retro-futurism." It's a world driven by childhood nostalgia and advanced science, creating a manic setting that's not unlike some of the more imaginative (and derivative) worlds you'd create as a kid.

Lasers & Liches introduces 6 new classes, 5 new playable races, new spells, new magic items, and a few tweaked rules. Players can play as Power Ranger-esque Henshin that comes with a customizable Xord, a keytar-wielding Synthweaver, or a Holoknight that uses hard light weapons and illusions to fight foes. Some of the new races include the Ceran, a race of anthropomorphic dinosaurs, or the quick aging Wo'nari that have laser vision. There's also some sort of cliche mechanic for those players who rely to heavily on TV show tropes from the 1990s.


Unsurprisingly, the foes and monsters in Lasers & Liches also seem incredibly wild and draped in nostalgia. There's the animatronic horrors that lurk inside of Chuck E Cheese's, and the dreaded karma chameleon. There are slimes and gelatinous oozes made of pizza, tesla dragons, and even laser corgis that can shoot lasers out of their mouths. Everything about the Retroverse seems fun and exciting and seems to offer a different kind of tabletop gaming experience.

Backers who pledge $50 or more will get PDFs of The Player's Mix (the Player's Handbook of the Retroverse) and The Game Master's Beat for those who want to run a game set in the Retroverse. The Kickstarter has already met its $15,000 goal, but there are plenty of stretch goals that can still be met before it ends on March 14th.