All 'Super Smash Bros.' Lore Broken Down In Fan Video

With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate doing incredibly well on the Nintendo Switch and with even more surprises on the horizon with new DLC, it's understandable that fans of the Big N would have this beloved fighter franchise on the brain. To look back on the series as a whole, we're bringing back one of our favorite YouTubers.

We've covered this channel quite a bit in the past, we can't help but to love the way Lore in a Minute breaks down the latest gaming hits with witty dialogue and personalized animation. The video above is a bit older, but totally relevant, though disclaimer that their comedic bit about MewTwo isn't accurate at all. Still, aside from that, it's a hilarious take on the more substantial side of a renowned Nintendo classic franchise.

You can watch the Smash installment in the video above, but just in case you're somewhere you can't listen to the audio, the team also always provides a full transcript.

"There exists a world very much like our Earth known as the World of Trophies where without warning statues of heroes from different worlds come to life and battle one another. The supreme ruler of this world is Master Hand, a sentient, floating Hamburger Helper mascot that is probably also be a manifestation of some dumb gloved eight-year-old in our human dimension.

"These assorted sentient action figures called "Smashers" know nothing but fighting, though they seem able to retain some memories of allegiances and rivalries with fellow Smashers. To become a statue again is death. The coldest death of all."


They added, "The Smashers are brought into existence for countless quick skirmishes and kerfuffles but there are times when the The World of Trophies is in danger such as when the Master Hand went mad, when the Bowser trophy was corrupted and transformed into the terrifying Giga Bowser, or when the dark form known as Tabu tried to bring the World into his Subspace Dimension. With every threat that arises, a large roster of heroes and villains will rise to the occasion...Except for Mewtwo. Mewtwo is never coming back (just kidding)."

As for the latest in the franchise, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.