Commander Shepard Comes to Life In This Incredible 'Mass Effect' Cosplay

The original Mass Effect trilogy from BioWare was nothing short of iconic with an incredibly loyal fanbase in its stead. Though we have long since said our farewells to Commander Shepard, but the fight for survival against the Reapers will forever live in our hearts. But it wasn't just the story that enraptured us. For many, John Shepard was our hero and this cosplayer absolutely paid the best tribute to an iconic character:

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ADVERTISEMENT! Picture from yesterday, costume from 2011. Commander Shepard was my very first cosplay job back in 2011. EA was the first company that believed in me and my skills and hired me and Maja to build Shepard's armor for the promotion of Mass Effect 3. This was way before 3D printers or several workers in my workshop. My very first armor, completely hand-sculpted, my very first "official" cosplay. The armor is broken and smells like crazy but it still reminds me of how we started all of this. Yesterday @eosandy_ came over and I put on this oldie to take the last pictures before it will go to cosplay heaven. Or... do you think I should give it away? ? Any Mass Effect fans out there? #masseffect #me3 #eagames #electronicarts #bioware #commandershepard #videogames #cosplay #cosplayer #gaming #games #shepard #malecosplay #masseffect3 #masseffect2 #masseffectandromeda #masseffectcosplay #promotion #n7 #playstation #xbox#beard

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Maul Cosplay has been the face of some amazing characters in the past, including a dead ringer for The Witcher's Geralt of Rivia. He even recently donned the face (and new beard) of the God of War himself, and it's so realistic - you can almost hear his gruff voice saying, "BOY!"

You can see for yourself the level of detail he has for his craft. From the detailing seen in that iconic N7 armor, to the weapon perfection - Ben also uses his extensive knowledge of special effects makeup to bring those rough characteristics to the real world with the help of his lovely partner in crime (and in matrimony), fellow cosplayer Maja Felicitas.

Their worked combined with notable photographer 'eosAndy' makes for stunning recreations of our favourite characters that we can't help but to love seeing brought into the real world.


This talented cosplayer has also produced other amazing works such as Corvo (Dishonored 1 & 2), Darth Maul, Soldier 76 (Overwatch), Metal Gear Solid’s Snake, Khal Drogo, and more! You can check him out at his official page here.

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