New 'Dead by Daylight' Killer Revealed

Behaviour Interactive has unveiled Dead by Daylight’s new Killer to be The Plague in a trailer that also confirmed the name of the next Survivor and map.

Dead by Daylight’s next Chapter is called “Demise of the Faithful,” and the trailer above gives players their first look at The Plague. The new Chapter adds another female Killer to the roster, one who by the looks of it will be able to afflict enemies with a disease or something of that nature to inhibit their progress when trying to fix generators and escape the map.

How the new Killer works isn’t clear yet since Behaviour hasn’t revealed her abilities or perks yet, but it’s assumed she’ll be using that thurible to either whack Survivors or toss some contaminated substance at them. The ceremonial tool The Plague holds by a chain appears to have been created with the Entity in mind as well, the ominous being that controls all the matches in Dead by Daylight and receives the Killers’ sacrifices. The top of the thurible is decidedly spider-like, much like the appendages the Entity uses to scoop up Survivors, so The Plague might have more of a connection to that being than other Killers who are simply tempted by its power.

It’s difficult to speculate on what the new Killer might be capable of, but we can at least be sure of the names of the Survivor and the new map. The Survivor who wasn’t shown in the trailer is Jane Romero, and the Chapter that introduces both parties will also release The Temple of Purgation as a new map. The map’s name plays up the themes shown in the trailer and the fact that it’s a temple hints that it might not be an open-air map and will instead be housed inside a closed area like Lery’s Memorial Institute.

A release date for Dead by Daylight’s Demise of the Faithful Chapter and everything included in it has not yet been announced. The game recently made headlines after the developer announced it would release for the Nintendo Switch this year and also said the team is targeting a 60 FPS standard on consoles and PCs that meet minimum requirements.



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