'Dead by Daylight' Now Targeting 60 FPS on Consoles

Dead by Daylight has a new optimization roadmap in place that ends with the game supporting 60 FPS on consoles and PCs with minimum specs, an announcement from Behaviour Interactive said.

In a post within the Dead by Daylight forums, Behaviour said it originally targeted 30 FPS at launch for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions as well as minimum-spec PCs. Fast-forward almost two years and several Chapters later and 60 FPS is the new target, but Behaviour said it’s not something that’ll happen overnight.

Dead by Daylight Roadmap
(Photo: Behaviour Interactive)

“Reaching 60 FPS on Dead by Daylight is not an easy task. It is a multifaceted iterative process that started six months ago and will be ongoing for months. Our strike team of programmers dedicated to optimizing the game has their hands deep into the game code. To summarize, optimization improves the frame rate by using less CPU and GPU cycles to update and render the world faster without any apparent loss of quality.”

The optimization roadmap above laid out Behaviour’s plans for the road to 60 FPS. Dead by Daylight is currently building up to the release of Chapter 11, for reference, with teasers like the one below shared to preview the reveal. Behaviour plans on updating the game’s engine again to Unreal Engine 4.21 during that Chapter with performance and framerate updates coming in the same Chapter. For Chapter 12 and beyond, Behaviour will work on methods used to implement new features, the announcement said.

“Our objective is to offer a better performance on all platforms, making the game look smoother and the controls more reactive,” Behaviour said. “Still, doing such majors changes all at once (game engine update and rewriting game code) is bound to briefly disrupt things and require some adaptation time. We hope you understand that this is a transition period and an investment to improve the game.”

Behaviour closed out its announcement by saying it plans on updating players throughout the road to 60 FPS with the upcoming anniversary of the game teased as a prime time for some insight.



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