'Apex Legends' Players Are Voting for Their Favorite Drop Zones

Apex Legends’ map is full of different locations to drop in on, some of them more interactive than others, and players are now getting to voice their opinions on the best drop zones in a bracket brawl organized by Respawn.

Through one tweet the led to many more following it, Respawn kicked off a battle of the drop zones with a bracket that divided the various locations into their respective regions. Bridges went up against Water Treatment, The Pit went up against Supply Ships, and other similar head-to-head battles looked to decide what the community thinks is the best possible spot to land.

Some areas didn’t have to compete in the first round of the competition since there were odd numbers, but the two that received a bye were likely chosen because people already know they’re hot spots to land at the start of the match. Skull Town and Bunker bypassed the first round, the first of those being a maze of buildings, doors, and heights where players can disappear and reappear quickly, weapon in hand, and the second is Caustic’s playground that cuts through a mountain pass.

The tweets from the official Apex Legends account went through the first round of each region’s faceoffs and stopped there after a series of eight tweets followed the first, so perhaps Respawn will continue the separate votes until one location is declared the winner.

One might imagine that Respawn is trying to feel out where players like to drop the most, but the developer undoubtedly already has that information. Instead, this looks to simply be a way for players to voice their opinions and see where other people prefer to land and if it matches up with their preferences. The votes and replies to these tweets and ones before it like the one that askes about people’s feelings about being the Jumpmaster could provide some useful information though, if not for Respawn than at least for the community.

Tweets aside, Apex Legends players are now waiting on the next possible day for the battle pass release and the start of Season 1 seeing how the rumored March 12th date didn’t come to fruition.



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