'Pokemon Go' Could Be Making a Big Upgrade to Its Adventure Sync Mechanic

Pokemon Go might be getting a big upgrade sometime in the near future. The prolific dataminer Chrales found some new messages in Pokemon Go's network traffic that indicates Niantic is giving the game's Adventure Sync system a big upgrade. The messages indicate a new feature that will alert players when a new species of Pokemon (as in, one that's not currently in a player's PokeDex) is nearby, even when Pokemon Go isn't actively running on a player's phone. ""Adventure Sync can find nearby new Pokémon even while Pokémon GO is closed!" the message reads.

Currently, Adventure Sync tracks the amount a player walks, even when Pokemon Go isn't active on a player's phone. This allows players to hatch eggs and collect Buddy Candy even when they're not actively playing the game. Adding new features to Adventure Sync like the new "awareness" feature would likely keep players invested in the game without feeling like it's a chore to constantly check out the game out of fear of missing out on new Pokemon.


Of course, not every feature found in Pokemon Go's network traffic or code comes to fruition. And this feature would have limited functionality for high level players who have already filled out their Pokedex. However, it seems like Pokemon Go is continuing to find new ways to keep casual players interested in the game, which is critical to its success as it approaches its third birthday.

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