'Fortnite' Update Officially Adds Respawn Vans

Fortnite’s latest update has now officially given players a way to get back in the game after being eliminated so long as they have a teammate left alive to help them. The game’s new respawn element comes in the form of the Reboot Vans and Reboot Cards, both of which can be found in the game now that Wednesday’s update is out. These Reboot Vans are found throughout “all major POIs,” according to the patch notes, but it shouldn’t be too long until players have mapped out the location of each van.

Other battle royale games have introduced respawn systems in the past, but Epic Games’ push to get the feature out is though to be inspired by Apex Legends’ respawn mechanic that works in a similar fashion. Players have to pick up their eliminated squad members’ Reboot Cards in Fortnite, the patch notes said, and upon retrieving them must then take the cards to a nearby Reboot Van. These cards stay in the world for 90 seconds after a player’s eliminated, so you’re on the clock if you want to pick up the cards before they expire.

It doesn’t matter who in a squad picked up the Reboot Card since any team member can bring others back once the card’s acquired. Both actions of picking up the cards and using them at Reboot Vans take up time, the second interaction requiring 10 seconds before the player is respawned. After using one of these vans, the vehicles are placed on a 120-second cooldown.

While Apex Legends drops players back into the match and makes them scramble for weapons, Fortnite gives players more than just their bare hands to fight with. Every player who respawns will come back with 100 health, a Common Pistol, 36 Light Ammo, and 100 Wood to build with. These items won’t help players as much in the late-game stages, but they’ll at least give them a fighting chance if anyone’s decided to camp the Respawn Vans and wait for players to return.



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