Sony Now Automatically Changes Inappropriate PS4 Online IDs

(Photo: SIE)

The days of inappropriate online IDs are over. Like many of us, Sony Interactive Entertainment is tired of the numerous online IDs disparaging our moms and talking about male genitalia, and so going forward you won't be seeing the low-effort inappropriate names that litter PSN. As you may know, this week Sony -- finally -- rolled out the ability to change your online ID on PSN. However, apart of this update, is a new system that automatically changes inappropriate names to a placeholder. That's right, when everyone was celebrating the ability to finally change their XxDragonLord420xX ID they made years ago, no one noticed that a large swath of PSN users now had placeholder names.

"If you find that your online ID is now ‘Tempxxx’, this change was caused by a report from another player and an investigation by moderation staff, with a finding that your online ID has breached the PSN Terms of Service. Please see the Community Code of Conduct for more details," writes Sony.

Fortunately, you aren't stuck with this placeholder name. If your new ID was deemed naughty, you can revert back to your old one. Meanwhile, if your old ID is deemed not okay, then you can simply make a new one. And considering everyone gets one free change, this shouldn't be a problem.

Personally, I'm a big fan of this. Don't get me wrong, there's not much better in gaming than getting killed by B*nerJamz2000, but there's a lot of young kids on PSN, and they shouldn't be subject to inappropriate stuff just because someone wants to be edgy or have a laugh.

Anyway, if you want to read more about changing your online ID, click here. Meanwhile, be sure to check out the list of PS4 games experiencing issues with name changes by clicking here. At the moment, there's numerous games you can lose save data, trophies, and more if you change your name, so, before you make any changes, make sure the collateral damage is worth it.



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