'Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order' Is A Story of "Man Versus Wild"

This past weekend, Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts unveiled Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order to the world, a brand-new single-player Star Wars game for PS4, Xbox One, and PC that has no micortransactions or multiplayer, has Dark Souls-esq combat, and stars Gotham's Cameron Monaghan. In the game, players step into the shoes of Cal Kestis, a young Padawan hiding and on the run from Second Sister and Order 66. However, while the game is based around Order 66, Respawn Entertainment is telling a tighter, smaller story within the confines of this bit of Star Wars lore. And this makes sense, given that the game focuses on a smaller cast of characters, many of which still haven't been revealed.

“We do have more characters to reveal,” said Asmussen when asked about whether Cal will be all alone during the game. “The trailer showed Cere. We knew we weren’t going to be able to make a game that has huge crowds in it. I don’t want to worry about things like creating crowd tech. We decided to make a story that’s more ‘man versus wild.’ That allowed us range to go to different places and explore different places. It’s not just Cal versus the environment, but also Cal versus the elements. To a certain extent, the Empire versus the elements as well.”

We know over the course of the game, Cal will explore multiple planets, however, it sounds like none of the planets will be heavily populated if the team isn't exploring and implementing proper crowd tech. And this is a bit of a disappointment, but if it means Respawn can focus on telling a better story, than it's a sacrifice worth making.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is poised to release on November 15 via the PS4, PC, and Xbox One. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of any additional ports or additional post-launch content.

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