'League of Legends' Players Get to Choose Which Champion Gets Updated Next Year

League of Legends champions are constantly being updated or tweaked in some ways to make sure they fit within the modern standards of the game, and some of those updates are larger than others. These are usually referred to as Visual and Gameplay Updates, ones that affect how the champion looks, how they play in a game, and generally what their background consists of as well. Only the most outdated and in-need champions get these VGUs, but for the first time, League players will get to pick which character gets updated next year.

Riot Games announced its plans to let League players choose an upcoming update within April’s Champion Roadmap that laid out the plans for the next few new champions and updates. The developer said it’s planning on scaling back the pace of VGUs that come out, so expect more new champions as opposed to updated ones in the future.

“We still think VGUs have a lot of value and they definitely won’t be going away, as there are still plenty of champions that need work,” said lead producer of champions Ryan “Reav3” Mireles. “The list just isn’t nearly as long as it once was, and the champions on the list aren’t as low-quality as those who’ve received VGUs already, so we are going to adjust our cadence accordingly. Outside of the large-scale VGUs, we’ll also be doing smaller gameplay-only reworks on a case-by-case basis.”

As part of this transition, League players are getting the chance to help taper the stream of large-scale VGUs by choosing which champ is update. An official vote is coming soon, Riot said, and the champion with the most votes will be updated next year.

“Since we’re going to be doing fewer large-scale VGUs in the future, we want to hear from you: Which champion do you think is most in need of a VGU?” Riot said. “Stay tuned for an official vote in the near future, where the winning champion will be guaranteed a VGU for 2020.”

No word was shared on when the voting would open or if the format would allow players to submit any champion or just pick from a predetermined list.



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