Microsoft Patents New Innovative Xbox Controller

(Photo: Microsoft)

Not that long, Microsoft revealed and released the Xbox Adaptive Controller for disabled gamers, a device praised for its innovation and the lives of many it has positively impacted. And apparently this was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Xbox and accessibility, because a new patent has been discovered that suggests Microsoft is once again thinking about how to bring gaming to all types of gamers. More specifically, a new patent for a Braille controller has been discovered, suggesting Microsoft is cooking up something to help vision-impaired gamers.

Even more specifically, a new Microsoft patent has surfaced of an Xbox Elite wireless controller with a Braille panel attached to the back of it. According to the patent, the controller would be able to translate speech and game dialogue to Braille. So, this means not only will the game's panel adjust as dialogue changes, but users would be able to communicate in chat. How it does this specifically, isn't very clear, but it's impressive nonetheless.


Beyond the Braille panel on the back of the controller, it seems like a standard Xbox controller. But obviously, the panel in the back would be life-changing for vision-impaired gamers. That said, who knows if this patent will ever manifest into an actual product. Companies research and develop a lot of things, especially companies the size of Microsoft, but a lot of ideas and even patents never come to fruition. That said, after releasing the Xbox Adaptive Controller, it wouldn't be very surprising to see Microsoft expand with more speciality controllers. Not only is it important work someone should champion, but it's also great PR. People like when companies do good things.

Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think or, alternatively, head over to Twitter and let me know over there @Tyler_Fischer_. Do you think this patent will manifest into an actual product?

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