Some League of Legends Missions Aren't Tracking Correctly, Fix Coming Soon

If you’ve been playing League of Legends over the weekend, you probably will have seen the new Trials Missions that are in the client now. These task players with playing as different champions and completing certain objectives for rewards like experience and finishers, though some players noticed that the mission progress isn’t always tracking like it should. A fix for that is coming next week to resolve the issue, Riot Games said.

The issue was addressed by Riot Xenogenic recently on Twitter when the Rioter responded to a thread about mission-tracking problem and returned later to say when the fix would be applied. Though the issue has now been resolve internally, it won’t be fixed on players’ ends until Tuesday. Until then, mission progress will still be tracked and should be reflected once the solution is applied.

While most missions just ask a player to deal damage, destroy towers, or take objectives, this mission in question was actually about completing other missions. By finishing 12 missions, players will unlock a special finisher that pops up above an enemy champion when the player who owns the finisher was part of the takedown. Players were finding that they’d get right up to the end of that mission only to have the tracker reset to a lower number.

The problem doesn’t appear to apply to everyone though, so it’s a case-by-case basis on whether a player will successfully get the finisher or not. Some players within the initial thread that discussed the issue said they’d gotten their finishers, and I can confirm that I’ve gotten my Faceless finisher as well with no resets ever happening. These missions and the Trials event overall will be live for quite a while longer though, so Tuesday’s fix should still give players plenty of time to complete the missions and take part in the event.



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