Fallout 76's Legendary Vendor Arrives This Week

A new vendor is coming to Fallout 76 this week, one that stands out from the others and only deals in the best of gear. The vendor is aptly called the Purveyor, and they’re in the business of giving players Legendary items so long as they can afford them. You’ll need a new type of currency called Legendary Scrip to even start trading with the Purveyor, and to get started with that currency, you’ll have to clean out your inventory of unwanted Legendary items first.

Players might’ve come across mole miners in their travels across the wasteland, and if so, the Purveyor will look familiar. She’s a member of that group of enemies as well, but the character is here to trade instead of fight. The Purveyor was originally slated to land in the game on May 23rd, but Bethesda recently bumped that schedule up by a week. This means the new vendor will be added to the game on May 16th instead.

You don’t have to wait until then to swap out your Legendary items for the Legendary Scrip though. Throughout the map’s various train stations, new objects called Exchange Machines have appeared. Grab your Legendary weapons and shove ‘em in those machines to get some Scrip and you’ll be ready for when the vendor arrives. When added, she’ll be located within the train station at Berkeley Springs.

You’ve got a couple of different options when perusing the Purveyor’s wares. Different item types are available including armor and both melee and ranged weapons, and you can add extra Legendary attributes to your gear. That doesn’t mean you’ll get to pick the attributes though, so you’ll have to take what she’s got after choosing your preferences.

“However, she doesn’t allow buyers to haggle over the exact details of an item and instead will select its legendary attributes at the time of purchase,” Bethesda said about the new vendor. “This means that while you will always receive an item that fits the type and star-rating you’ve selected, its attributes will be decided at random. Additionally, Legendary Scrip prices vary based on the type of item and star-rating you select.”

The Purveyor arrives in Fallout 76 on May 16th.



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