PUBG Update Continues Rebalancing Vikendi

There’s another PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds update out now on the test servers that continues to work on the Vikendi map, the newest venue to join the game’s map rotation. Work has been done on the map before, and a new set of changes are expanding on that start with items, the blue zone, and other parts of the map now changed and ready to be tested. The update will spend some time on the test servers before going live for everyone.

Fans of Vikendi will recall that work done int the past included a look at the loot that was spawned throughout the map. Those changes were tested by players before just like this new update will be, and PUBG Corp. said it’s been taking players’ feedback into consideration when creating the second Vikendi update.

All of the changes which relate to Vikendi in Update #29 can be seen below:

  • Blue zone adjustments
  • To support a wider variety of gameplay experiences around Vikendi, the initial safe zone will now be placed in more varied locations and the waiting time between certain blue zone phases has been reduced.
    • Phase 1 safe zone now spawns in more varied locations.
    • Waiting time between early and late blue zone phases has been decreased slightly.
    • Overall match duration subsequently reduced by 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  • Vehicle spawn rate adjustment
    • Vehicle spawn rate has been changed to facilitate the new blue zone settings.
      • Increased four-wheel drive vehicle spawn ratio in relation to Snowbikes and Snowmobiles.
    • Item spawn rate adjustment
    • We have adjusted weapon spawn rates to help facilitate more medium and long-range engagements. Adjustments to available attachments have also been made to offer players more options.
      • Adjustments to item spawns on Vikendi:
        • AR spawns increased by 1.4x
        • DMR spawns increased by 2x
        • SR spawns increased by 7x
      • SMG, Shotgun and Pistol spawns have been decreased slightly.
      • Attachment spawns have been increased slightly.
      • High powered scope spawns have been increased slightly.
    • Cave balance adjustment
    • Since the Secret Cave is no longer much of a secret, we have adjusted the loot within to balance it more closely other areas of Vikendi to improve the gameplay experience, while still offering good loot.
      • Care Packages will no-longer spawn in the cave.
        • High quality non-crate loot will still spawn in this location.
      • Increased variety of items spawned in the cave.
    • Item pool changes
      • Added MK47 Mutant, Halfgrip, Thumbgrip and Laser Sight.
      • Removed Win94 and R45.
    • Increased Moonlight weather condition percentage.

Like other updates, this one deals with more than just Vikendi. You can see the full notes for everything else it changes by heading here.



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