PS5 Specs Are Amazing And Bring Consoles Closer to PC Gaming, Says Developer

Last month, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced the next PlayStation console, which will presumably be dubbed the PS5. In addition to announcing the system, Sony also divulged some details and specs, and what it revealed was pretty impressive. There's a lot of excitement over the next-gen Sony system, including from developers. For example, Okomotive (the team behind indie hit FAR: Lone Sails) founders Don Schmocker and Goran Saric are impressed with what Sony have revealed so far, especially its Zen Z processor.

“It will definitely bring console performances closer to PC / desktop settings, which means less optimizations for ports," said the pair while speaking to Gaming Bolt. This is an interesting point, and accurate, which may mean the PS5 -- and probably the next Xbox -- will get more ports of games that traditionally would have just been PC only. We started to see this happen with this console generation, and it looks like for next console generation, we will only see more cross-releases between consoles and PC.

That said, powerful and "amazing" specs don't come cheap, which has the pair of Okomotive developers wondering how much the system will wind up costing. Sony's Mark Cerny said the system's price-point will be "appealing to gamers in light of its advanced feature set," which suggests not the most expensive console, but not the cheapest either. In other words, it sounds like the system will cost $500.


However much it winds up costing, there's no doubting the PS5 packs a punch and, like the Okomotive developers noted, brings console gaming closer to PC gaming, which started last-gen and is likely not going to change anytime soon.

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