Star Ocean: First Departure R Announced For PS4 and Nintendo Switch

star ocean (1)
(Photo: Square Enix)

Today, Square Enix announced Star Ocean: First Departure R, which is pitched as a high-definition remake of 2007 PSP remake of the original Star Ocean. In other words, it's a remake of a remake, with a few additional features thrown in there. At the moment of publishing, the only platforms that have been announced are PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, a release date and price-point have not been detailed, but Square Enix has noted that it will be a worldwide release.

Unfortunately, Square Enix didn't accompany a trailer with the announcement, but presumably one will come next month at E3. As you may know, Square Enix will host a presser on June 10 where it will provide updates on some of its already announced games, and presumably reveal some new titles as well.

Whatever the case, as you would expect, Star Ocean fans are excited:


For those that don't know: Star Ocean is action role-playing series developed by tri-Ace and published by Sqaure Enix that debuted all the way back in 1996 via the Super Famicom. The game kicked off a series that has seen five main entries, three spin-offs, a remake, a remaster, and even a manga. It's far from the most popular RPG series out of Japan, but it sure does have its fans.

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