Pokemon Go to Redo Slakoth Community Day in Europe

Pokemon Go will be redoing yesterday's Community Day in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa due to severe issues that affected the event. Yesterday, Pokemon Go held its monthly Community Day, this time focused on the Normal-type Pokemon Slakoth. While the event was supposed to feature Slakoth spawning in mass quantities between the hours of 3 PM and 6 PM, players in Europe and Africa reported that Slakoth became increasingly rare after the first 15-20 minutes of the event. As time progressed, spawns returned to "normal," which in most cases didn't include Slakoth at all. The issues seemed to be tied to the Weather feature of the game going down, which impacted which Pokemon spawned during the game.

Many players were hoping for an acknowledgement of the issues and perhaps an extension of the event, but Niantic was frustratingly slow to respond to complaints. Although the Weather function was fixed by the time Community Day came to the United States, most European and African players claimed that their Community Day plans were ruined because of the issues.


Late yesterday, Pokemon Go finally acknowledged the issues and promised that plans were being made to bring back Slakoth to the EMEA area for those affected by the issues.

No dates were announced, but players can at least be assured that they'll still have a chance to grab a Slakoth and its Shiny variant later this summer.