Netflix Teases Collabs With Ubisoft, Behaviour Interactive, and More

This year's Electronic Entertainment Expo is well underway, with companies and fans coming together to celebrate the reveals, announcements, updates, and more on all of the video games one can dream of. That said, popular entertainment streaming service Netflix appeared at this year's E3 to talk about the upcoming Stranger Things game as well as The Dark Crystal title that is on the way. Of course, there were a couple other things that were teased throughout the discussion, including collaborations with other game developers like Epic Games.

When Season 9 of Fortnite dropped, players noticed a particular ice cream shop that was in the popular Battle Royale title that had been featured in Stranger Things. This led many to believe a crossover is on the way for the two, which was all but confirmed during the discussion at E3. Needless to say, players will want to keep an eye on the title when the third season of Stranger Things drops.

In addition to all of this, it was teased by the official NX on Netflix Twitter account that other collaborations are in the works. Included with this teaser were the likes of Ubisoft, Behaviour Interactive, Roblox, and Epic Games. Since we pretty much know that something Stranger Things-related is on its way to Fortnite, one can only imagine what the other devs are working on.

The one that stands out to me is Behaviour Interactive, the developers of popular asymmetrical horror game Dead by Daylight. We have seen a handful of crossovers between the game and pop culture, the most recent of which is Ghostface making his way to the title. However, if it is indeed Stranger Things that is on its way to Dead by Daylight, that opens a pretty big can of worms. Will the Demogorgan be a killer? Are one or all of the kids going to be survivors? Will there be a new map added that is based on the Upside Down? There are just so many possibilities.


Either way, there are going to be some pretty interesting things coming from Netflix to the gaming world in the near future. The closest we have is Stranger Things 3: The Game, which is set to drop on July 4th alongside the release of the third season of the hit show. The game will release on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

What do you think about all of this? Excited to see what Netflix has in store for gamers? Are you hoping it has something to do with Black Mirror? Sound off in the comment section below, or feel free to hit me up over on Twitter @anarkE7!