Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Is Adding Contracts, Will Give Players More Rewards

Treyarch is adding a new feature to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 called “Contracts” that reward players for completing certain objectives. Rewards that we know of now include experience points and “Reserves” – Treyarch’s word for loot boxes – and players will start receiving these rewards later in June when the update releases that adds these Contracts. Players will be able to complete these Contracts across all three game modes, so even Zombies players will be able to earn Reserves soon.

The Contracts are essentially a series of rotating challenges that task players with completing certain objectives in return for the rewards. There’s a more detailed explanation of how these Contracts will work that’s coming next week ahead of the update that’ll release later in June, but Treyarch has given players a quick rundown of how the new feature will work.

“As we mentioned earlier, Contracts are coming with our next major update in late June,” Treyarch said. In Black Ops 4’s Contracts system, players will be able to choose and complete more Contracts each day than ever before, with rotating daily challenges across every mode: MP, Blackout, Zombies, and League Play. Zombies players will also now be able to earn Reserves directly through the new Contracts system.”

These loot boxes that players will earn now have a chance of carrying weapons in them, a point of contention that’s been discussed quite often within the community since the summer update revealed the restriction on the new weapons. Treyarch’s new Contracts won’t do anything to take the weapons back out of the loot boxes and give them to players through conventional means, so you’ll have to still hope for a lucky pull from the randomized loot to get your guns.

The update which announced the new Contracts system included a comment from Treyarch about listening to feedback and thanked players for their honesty and passion. It was a general comment, though it appeared to be connected to the controversy over Reserves and the feedback players have been more than willing to give.


“We at the studio are always reading the many comments posted to social channels and we continue to incorporate player input into each update, so please keep your feedback coming to help us make the core gameplay experience the best it can be,” Treyarch said. “Behind the scenes, we’re fixing bugs as they’re reported, we’re banning cheaters and griefers as they’re pointed out, and we’re always working on the next batch of free game content for a new update just around the corner. Thanks as always for your passion, honesty, and participation in this community. None of us would be doing this without your support.”

Black Ops 4’s Contracts will be available later in June as part of a big update.