Minecraft: Story Mode Episodes Are Selling for $100 Each

Interesting listings have appeared on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 storefront that involves the delisting of Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode and some very expensive individual episodes. The episodes that create the story mode spin-off of the blocky builder are currently being sold for $99 each within Microsoft’s online marketplace. According to an update from one of the game’s social accounts, the prices are marked up this high to deter people from making purchases while still giving those who have already bought the game a way to download the episodes they need.

The listings seen here are no joke – the episodes are really priced at $99, and you’ll really be charged that much if you choose to buy them. Minecraft: Story Mode, as you may recall, is scheduled to be delisted on all platforms by June 25th which means it’ll no longer be available to purchase. Microsoft went ahead and took the game and its various episodes down, but on the Xbox 360 platform, this meant people who had a license to play the game couldn’t download their episodes.

The solution is the $99 price tag on the episodes, as explained by an update shared on the Minecraft: Story Mode Facebook page.

“All of Minecraft: Story Mode content was removed from sale on each digital storefront ahead of that happening,” the update said. “In the process of removing these items for sale, on the Xbox 360 platform only, existing Minecraft: Story Mode players became unable download their remaining episodes. From working with the Xbox 360 platform, the only solution to this situation is to re-list the downloadable content for purchase. So, to assist existing customers, all the downloadable Episodes for the two Minecraft: Story Mode titles are temporarily re-listed but, to deter new purchases, they will be re-listed at a very high price!”

This post continued to stress once again that these prices are legit, so unless you’re just dying to have the game, don’t try to purchase it assuming it’s a typo or some other error. Your card will be charged for that amount, but you’ll at least have one of the episodes to your name.

“The price shown is a real list price, please do not buy the content, if you do, you will be charged the amount shown,” the post warned. “This is simply the only mechanism available to facilitate players being able to download their remaining episodes prior to servers shutting down.”


Minecraft: Story Mode is scheduled to be fully delisted on June 25th.

Thanks, Polygon.