Teamfight Tactics' First New Champion Is Twisted Fate

Teamfight Tactics is getting its first post-release champion in the next update, Riot Games has announced. The 51st champion will be Twisted Fate, and it looks like he’ll be wearing his Cutpurse skin when he’s added. Riot shared a teaser for the champion that showed a close-up of this cosmetic before confirming that Twisted Fate will indeed be the next champ added in Patch 9.14.

Riot Wittrock, a set designer for the new Teamfight Tactics mode, tweeted out the teaser below on Monday to preview what was to come. It doesn’t look like any base champion in the game from a first glance, but when you consider that some of the champions in the mode use skins instead of their normal form, it multiplies the possibilities. Some people were quick to point out that this looked like it might be for Twisted Fate, and Teamfight Tactics’ product lead Riot MapleNectar responded to confirm those suspicions.

With League patches coming out every two weeks, it looks like this might be how we see new champions added from here on out. It could be that we see multiple champions announced in future patches with those champs going live in the mode throughout the two weeks, similar to how Riot handles new champion releases and skins, or we could just get them on patch day with the rest of the content.

There’s also the question of what Twisted Fate will be categorized as in Teamfight Tactics. Him being of the Pirate Origin is a given due to his Bilgewater origins, his relationship with Graves and other pirates, and his gambling ways. Being in the Sorcerer Class seems to be the most likely outcome for the champion due to the tricks he can pull off with his cards.

Twisted Fate being a pirate would make the most sense, but it is a shame that we probably won’t be getting another Exile yet to give another option besides Yasuo. The card-throwing champion’s lore uses the word deliberately to detail the time when he was cast out by his people and later started working with Graves, so both are technically exiles despite their partnership.


As for his ability, we’ll probably see either Wild Cards or Pick A Card at his disposal. Being able to throw three cards that hit in different lines would work well considering the tile layout of the Teamfight Tactics board, but having throwable cards with either one or three effects would be interesting as well.

Twisted Fate is coming to Teamfight Tactics in Patch 9.14.