Team Rocket Hot Air Balloon Spotted at Pokemon Go Fest

Team Rocket is invading another Pokemon Go live event. This weekend, Niantic is throwing its second Pokemon Go Fest of the summer at Dortmund, Germany. While much of the festivities involve capturing rare Pokemon and completing Special Research, it appears that Team Rocket has come to spoil another event. A hot air balloon bearing the distinctive red "R" logo of Team Rocket floated over the event as it entered its final hours, surprising attendees of the event. This appears to be an official Pokemon Go tease, as the German Pokemon Go Twitter account posted a picture of "fans" enjoying the event with the balloon lurking in the background.

You can see also see a video of the hot air balloon, posted on Twitter by the fan site Pokemon Go Hub, below:


This is the second time Pokemon Go has teased a Team Rocket event in recent weeks. Attendees of Chicago's Pokemon Go Fest discovered Team Rocket members photobombing their AR+ photos, which led to initial speculation that a Team Rocket event would occur. A recent datamine found more evidence of a Team Rocket event, which seems to involve members "invading" Pokestops and battling trainers. The event could also involve Shadow Pokemon, a corrupted kind of Pokemon first seen in Pokemon Coliseum.

Pokemon Go has mostly remained mum about the event, save for a single sentence mention in a recent newsletter. If we had to guess, we'd expect Pokemon Go to announce more details about Team Rocket's involvement after the final Pokemon Go Fest takes place in Japan in August.